AgileForms + Sendpulse =

With AgileForms and Sendpulse, collecting subscribers is easy.

How to use AgileForms to add subscribers to your Sendpulse mailing list

You can use any form you create with AgileForms to send subscribers to your Sendpulse account.

It's quite simple. Here's how:

1. Design a beautiful form

Use AgileForms to design a beautiful form. Drag and drop the fields you want and customize it to suit your brand.

Design a beautiful form

2. Connect your form to Sendpulse

Connect your form to your Sendpulse account and you can then map which fields go where - we even make it easier for you by mapping fields on your behalf which you can then review.


3. Collect subscribers!

Share your form or embed it on your website, and start collecting subscribers. Every submission will go straight into Sendpulse as a new subscriber to your designated e-mail list.

Collect subscribers

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