Purchase Additional Submissions for your Account

Running a one-off campaign? Need more submissions than the allowed maximum for your plan?

Purchasing additional submissions allows you to accept more data. Here's how it works:

  1. Your current plan allows 10,000 submissions per form. These submissions included with your account will be used first.
  2. You purchase additional submissions (let's say 50,000)
  3. Once any form of yours has reached its submission limit, each additional submission over that limit will be deducted from your 50,000 additional submissions.
  4. If you clear and reset the submission data for your form, you will get the 10,000 regular submissions again before any additional submissions are consumed.
  5. Additional submissions can be used only once
  6. Additional submissions apply at the account level, meaning they apply to any form that goes over its maximum. Think of it like contingency for the forms in your account.

To purchase additional submissions:

  • From the Dashboard, in the main menu on the left, click Account
  • Choose Additional Submissions from the drop down list
  • Drag the slider to choose how many submissions you would like to purchase
  • Click Purchase - your credit card on file will be charged

The additional submissions will be added to your account immediately.