E-mail Notifications

Enabling e-mail notifications lets you receive each submission from your form directly to your e-mail address, or the e-mail address of any team members you specify.

This option is not available for Free Trial users.

To enable e-mail notifications for your form.

  1. Click Forms in the main menu on the left.
  2. Locate the form you wish to enable e-mail notifications for. Click Options, then Edit Form
  3. In the bar at the top click Response
  4. Check the box that says Send me an e-mail
  5. If you have other team members in your account, it will show a list of the team members. Check the box next to each team member you wish to receive an e-mail notification for this form.
  6. Click Next in the top right corner and proceed through the form builder

To disable e-mail notifications, follow the same steps as above, however in step 4 you need to make sure the box is unchecked.