Form Management

Change the Thank You message for your form Form Management

Change the message your users see when they have submitted your form

Getting a QR Code for a Form Form Management

Viewing the QR code for your form

Embed a Form on Your Website Form Management

Get the code necessary to embed your form on your website

Export Form Submissions Form Management

Exporting the data received from your form into a spreadsheet

View Form Submissions Form Management

How to view the data you have collected with your form

E-mail Notifications Form Management

Enabling and disabling e-mail notifications for your form.

Enabling/Disabling Data Storage Form Management

Prevent your data being stored at

Deleting Forms Form Management

How to delete a form completely

How do I publish or un-publish my form? Form Management

How to allow or prevent members of the public from seeing your form

Kiosk Mode Form Management

Learn about kiosk mode to easily reload your form

Delete All Form Submissions Form Management

How to delete your form's submissions

How can I set a custom thank you page? Form Management

What is a custom thank you page and how to set it