Kiosk Mode

Sometimes you may need to display your form on a portable device to users, eg at a trade show or conference.

In this scenario, you may have an iPad set to kiosk/display mode or you may have a full screen browser display on a desktop or laptop computer.

Your users need to be able to reload the form after the person before them has finished, and they may not have access to the browser refresh button due to your device being locked off.

Enabling kiosk mode in AgileForms will add a reload/refresh button underneath your response text when a user has finished filling out your form. This way you or they can reload the form without needing to have any browser controls visible on the screen.

Note: Kiosk mode does not operate when a form is embedded in a web page. It also does not work if you have a custom thank you page set.

To enable or disable kiosk mode for your form:

  1. Find the form in your list of forms
  2. Click 'Options' and then 'Advanced'
  3. Check or uncheck the box that says 'Enable Kiosk Mode'
  4. Click Save